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Does Your Vehicle Have a Problem?

Bring in your car as soon as you think something is wrong. We’ll take care of it! For reference, adhere to the general guide below to find out about the tell-tale signs of a car problem you may have (we have complied information from multiple sources online to provide the best resource that can be bookmarked):

The Six Essential Car Fluids and What to Look For Before Filling

Fuel is what your car uses the most, but don’t neglect the other fluids. Make a schedule so you don’t miss oil changes, and always watch out for unusual noises, odors, or vibrations. These fluids might not stop you like an empty tank of gas, but they’re equally important in keeping your car in great working order.

So, If You Are Experiencing Any Car Problems…

Come in for diagnostics and/or repair as soon as possible. See store schedule for garage hours.

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